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My name is Rose Cantrill and I’m the owner and creator of Wild Rose Angoras.  I am a fibre artist working from my workshop in Newport Shropshire. I make fashion accessories i.e. scarves, cuffs, bracelets, brooches, scarf pins etc from the mohair I get from my three kid Angora goats, Dean, Frank and Sammy ‘The Goat Pack’, and the wonderful soft angora from my English Angora rabbits Priscilla and Maverick. I mix this with, ethical wool from the UK and Tussah silk (wild silk). 

All the fibre is hand spun by me at home, then dyed using non-toxic dyes or left natural. I hand card the mohair lightly in order to leave natural curls in place giving beautiful soft texture to the finished fibre. I also spin from non-carded washed fleece giving a beautiful curly finish.                                            photophoto 1 (2)

I like creating with the technique of wet felting and needle felting. I use different fibres, silks, beads etc to embellish my creations. I dye, spin, knit and crochet with different fibres.

I’m inspired by all things to do with nature, I’m in awe of the colours and patterns in nature and try to incorporate this into my work. Each piece is handcrafted and completely unique, no two will ever be the same.